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There and Back Again: An Occasional Blogger's Tale

Every time I try this I fail. To be honest (with myself, because that is who I am writing to, "myself"), I can see how in the past I expected to put together this deep, enlightening, chunk of space on the internet that would draw readers and subscribers. What I created was a one-post flop that I am hoping at least my mom read. Perhaps she did, but what I know for sure, whatever she read was not memorable. Heck, I can't even remember it. So why keep it up when no one visits, reads, or subscribes? Truthfully, I can't blame them.

I am starting something new. It isn't new to the internet, it is new to me. I am following a small voice in my brain that is encouraging and challenging me to do something that takes time and effort, and if the past is any hint, will only help me in my quest to banish pride and embrace humility. I am going to start a blog. This is a blog written for me. Yes, yes, it's on the internet so obviously, people will read it (Looking at you, Mom). The difference is I am writing for me; for the process, the practice, and the enjoyment.

I am setting out on an adventure. You are welcome to join me but I am content to go alone if need be. I am not sure where this will end (likely in some nerdy corner of my mind making light Tolkien references), but I am putting one hairy hobbit foot in front of the other, the first steps of a journey.

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15 de fev. de 2023

Yes. A thousand times yes.

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